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Child Support Groups


Community Outreach


Adult Support

Monthly Adult Social Support Group (18+)

Our monthly Adult Social Support Group welcomes a wide range of individuals from York Region either living with epilepsy or supporting a loved one. Attendees get a chance to interact with other adults connected to epilepsy by sharing stories, offering information or resources and gain social support with one another. During these gatherings we offer an activity for everyone to participate in connection to epilepsy and a theme such as music, art or food. All Adult Social Support Groups are held at our office in Stouffville typically on the last Thursday of every month from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.


Child Support

Children & Family Social Support Group

Our Children and Family Social Support Group (Infant, Children & Youth + Their Family Members) invites those included to join us for a themed or holiday related event at various points in the year either at the office or within the local community. This provides a chance for the children to connect with others around their age who are dealing with similar obstacles kids living with epilepsy face. This includes stigma, exclusion, and challenges in their daily lives within various environments like school, extra-curricular activities and family or friend relationships. We seek to support the children and their families in various methods to encourage, motivate and raise self-confidence to know they are not the only ones living with epilepsy. While our main goal here is the social connection and support, we always make sure to incorporate a fun activity suitable for all children to take part in based on the type of event.


Community Outreach

Through these community connections we are able to advocate for those in York Region living with epilepsy by informing the public. We show this through educational tools, information sharing, product and agency give a ways and publicizing our agency to make people aware of who we are, what we provide and who we are supporting. Our outreach includes, but is not limited to:

- York Region District School Board

- York Region Catholic District School Board

- Senior Living & Retirement Homes / Long Term Care Facilities

- Faith Based Organizations

- Community Centres, Groups & Local Organizations

- Community Events through the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville & Other Cities within York Region – Easter Hunt 

  on Main Street, Strawberry Festival, Ribfest, Main Street Trick or Treat, Santa Claus Parade           


Education and Training

At EYR we believe in educating the public about epilepsy to create a safer environment for people living with seizures day to day. Education has been a focus of ours for over 30 years. Every year, we reach out and touch more people, raising awareness and increasing the level of education. Having a seizure or witnessing one can be frightening for people, but by making more and more people every year informed on how to assist them, it can not only help the individual, but also support safer communities and schools.

Types of Presentations:

  • General Informative Epilepsy Presentations “Let’s Talk Epilepsy”
  • Specified Epilepsy Presentations Based on Focus Group 
  • Specified Type of Epilepsy
  • Epilepsy & Physical Disabilities
  • Epilepsy with Connection to other Neurological Conditions
  • Specified Age or Ability Groups
  • Students, Volunteers & Assistant Workers
  • Professional Care Takers, Educators & Staff Faculty
  • Family, Friend & Community Groups with Connection to Epilepsy 
  •  Seizure Training and First Aid

Additional Information and FAQ

If you are interested in connecting with us for a presentation feel free to email or call our office. We provide all our seizure safety presentations at no cost to your organization, school, or family. 

Our education program is open to all:

  • Schools - Elementary, Secondary, Private, Daycare/Early Learning
  • Community Groups
  • Camps, Sports Teams & Other Extra-curricular Environments
  • Retirement Homes, Senior Living Centres/Long-Term Care Homes
  •  Residential Spaces & Work Space      


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