Our Agency

Epilepsy York Region is a non-profit, community-based multi-service agency.  Founded in 1988, it now provides support, education and advocacy to an estimated 7,300 to 14,600 people with epilepsy and their families in York Region.

The agency exists because we strongly believe that we can make positive changes and provide  a supportive environment for those living with epilepsy and seizure disorders. We believe that we can achieve the support needed through our efforts of public education and awareness. We recognize the need to reduce every kind of isolation or stigma and provide opportunities for people with this condition to stay in the mainstream, learn how to self-advocate, learn what good medical care consists of and what their options are. We feel strongly about giving them opportunities to meet and support one another and achieve an increased level of control of already compromised lives.

Mission Statement

Epilepsy York Region is a charitable organization which:

  • Advocates on behalf of individuals with seizure disorders
  • Promotes public awareness of epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Develops programs based on the needs of our constituents
  • Provides educational resources and opportunities




  • Epilepsy York Region was established as an information and support agency of Epilepsy Ontario by two women in Markham who were living with epilepsy felt that people needed to know more about their condition and hoped to receive support from peers within the community.
  • The agency held monthly community meetings in Markham, and later Thornhill, and formed adult and parent support groups.
  • Our first fundraising and awareness initiative was GLAD days – a provincial flower campaign.
  • Later the group  began hosting weekly bingo events in a Markham neighbourhood support centre.


  • Epilepsy York Region received a three year Trillium grant to establish a small, one-room office in a more central location in Richmond Hill.
  • With the expansion of office space, the Epilepsy Family Resource Centre was established.
  • Fundraising initiatives continued and services began with the help of a social worker.


  • Epilepsy York Region began to expand its services and programs by facilitating support groups and providing the general public with information and referrals to other social services.


  • Epilepsy York has expanded its outreach services by providing presentations to all age groups and various communities.  This is achieved through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, who share the same values of providing supportive environments and objectives of encouraging public awareness.